2023 Summer Activity Schedule
May 28th to August 13th

Because so many of our guests choose to stay an entire week during our summer months, we must have a weekly schedule (subject to change). During the months that our summer activity is not in effect, which is BEFORE May 28th and AFTER August 13th, 2023, we still have Cowboy Breakfast cooked on the open range, horseback riding, hayrides, roping, fishing, hiking, fossil finding, birdwatching, basketball, volleyball, BBQ cookouts, Mexican fiestas, treks to the dinosaur tracks with Jurassic Judy, country dancing, ping-pong, tennis, cowboy games, swimming in our Texas-sized pool (not heated) and marshmallow roasts.

Sunday: “Mayan Dude Night.” This year marks our 72nd anniversary in the saddle. Since 1951, we have been blessed to experience and celebrate 72 years of making Mayan Dudes, happy dudes. We begin the evening with an introductory horse lesson with the “Ryanstone” Cowboy. a wildlife hayride, and photos with a longhorn steer. Beef fajitas, pulled pork tacos, and catfish will be your main entrees. After a larruping good meal, Kowgirl Kel’s legendary Cowboy Bingo will close the evening.

Monday: Waltz Across Texas with the Mayan in mind, Waltz across Texas with our dudes. To a Texas cowhand, mealtime & music are extremely important events; it’s got to be good and it’s got to be a lot! Out of the pages of the old western cookbooks, we will serve Chicken-fried steak and smoked turkey. Following supper, adults & teens will be treated to the Mayan’s version of Waltz Across Texas in music & dance while children 12 yrs. & under enjoy “It’s Foam Time” (Bubbles Galore). No exceptions for 12 yrs. & under inside the dining room for the after-dinner entertainment.

Tuesday: Mayan Cowboy Mardi Gras. Put on your colorful beads and masques. Tonight, the dynamic duo of Madame’s Shannon & Shea, request your company at Hicksville, where they will prepare twice-baked ribs, shrimp boil (sausage), gumbo, and bouchees de poulet. Before and after supper, we will have jeux de plein air (Cowboy-style). Contest for the “best masque.”

Wednesday: Mayan Talent Extraordinaire – if there is one thing the Mayan Ranch has plenty of, it is talented staff and talented guests! This is the day that the ranch family and Mayan guests share and celebrate their God-given talents. Cowboy Olympics for all ages will be held at the pavilion followed by a wonderful, western meal composed of BBQ chicken and pork medallions. The highly requested “Guest Talent Show” will close the evening inside our dining room. (Please bring your own props).

Thursday: Ole! Mexican cuisine is one of the oldest and most intriguing in the world. Its true origins are with the Mayan Indians, so we feel very much in harmony with what comes out of our sombrero on this night. Authentic Mexican dishes by our chef Elizabeth Vincent, wine-margaritas, children’s pinata, and Senor Ricochet and his Mariachi Music all make for a festive fiesta poolside. After supper. A wildlife hayride and Star-Gazing with astronomer Eddie of Star Party America will illuminate this Mayan-spectacular evening.

Friday: Mayan Magnificence. If the Mayan has an outstanding trademark food, BBQ is going to be high on the list. Beef brisket & ribs are cooked and queued to perfection with cowboy pinto and green beans, potato salad, cole slaw, chili cheese, homemade bread and brownies. Before supper, the highly requested Egg-Toss. After supper, a real western family night with dance lessons by Kowgirl Kel and a D-Jay dance with Ricochet spinning the vinyl.

Saturday: “It’s A Mayan Family Tradition” – Our #1 meal with our #1 guests. Saturday is the closer to a great week and there is no better way to celebrate the ending of our week with our Mayan Dudes than with our #1 Dude meal and Mayan family floorshow. The finale not only showcases the Mayan family but also our wonderful Mayan Dudes. This evening is a sure making of meaningful memories.

Sunday: A Texas-sized, last Round-Up Brunch will be served from 7:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m., featuring a variety of breads, eggs, fruit, bacon, sausage, and specialties. Official checkout is 11:00 a.m.

*All above activities are subject to change.*

Special reminders: 1. During the summer months, ONLY, there are no horse rides, Cowboy Breakfast or lunch served on Sundays. (It's literally the horses' day-off.) 2. Tax plus a 10% service charge will be added to your bill. 3. The Mayan is NOT equipped or staffed to make special dietary meals; please plan accordingly. Regardless of the time of the year, we have a two-night minimum. 4. The Mayan Ranch has a strict "NO PET" policy

Horse rides: All our rides are strictly single-file at a walk with a guide - no exceptions. The Texas Bureau of Veterinary Public Health (Rules 169.81 - 169.89, 169.83) states that no horse may carry more than 20% of its own weight. Our biggest horses weigh in at about 1220 lbs. meaning they can’t carry over 240-244 lbs. Rider age: minimum 6 years.

Our email is mayan@mayanranch.com

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Tax plus a 10% service charge will be added to your bill.